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What style works for you?

The weather is warming up and the flowers are starting to bloom. It's time to shed the clothes and take off the winter hats. No more hiding under toboggans and hoodies. It's time to actually do something with your hair. What do you plan to do? Stick with the same style you have had for years, try something new, or see what the celebrities are rocking? Either way, your hair is an "extension" of your personal style or for some...your lifestyle. 

Fortunately for me I don't have to work a 9-5. I run a small business from home and take care of my daughter. So styling and profiling is not necessary for me to be presentable. I am more concerned about keeping my daughter's hair maintained and healthy. I recently made the tough decision to put a relaxer in her hair. She's four year's old with a head full of thick, black long hair. In its natural state, the hair routine from start to finish was taking 4-6 hours. From washing, conditioning, detangling, drying, and was becoming an all-day event. She was tired and I was tired. My mom said that I should post a picture of my daughter on Facebook with her new straight hair. I replied that I wasn't going to do that because I didn't want to be judged for my decision. It's just what works for us.

During the winter I was growing my hair out. For the past ten years, I have been wearing it in a short "Halle Berry" type style. I wanted some coverage from the winter air and I also wanted to see how long it would grow. My husband saw an old picture of me with my hair just above my shoulders and he commented that it looked nice. So that, along with my desire to achieve long hair led me on a frustrating path. It has been constantly getting in my way, falling in my face. It has to be "done" to look done. Not like my old short get-up-and-go style. I also realized that my motive for growing it longer was in the wrong place. Since my daughter was born she has always had beautiful long, wavy hair (the same as my sister). I started to feel self-conscious and thought that if I grew my hair out my daughter would look like she got her hair from me. Sounds crazy, right? I know. I finally realized that, I am not my hair (thanks India.Arie). My daughter belongs to me because she is mine and I gave birth to her. Not because of some perceived judgment I have placed upon myself.

Shaneice J. Thomas, haircut, short hair, studio te'rayeThis plight of hair texture and hair length has plagued women for years. We have all succumb to this notion that longer and thicker is better because of the images portrayed in the media. We buy extensions, we sew in tracks, we clip in pieces. That is all okay if that's the style you are trying to achieve. But, in the end make sure that you are being true to yourself. Well, I now know what works for me. It's short, it's easy, and it's me. Kim, I need a haircut.

Tell us what style works for you!

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