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Cosmopolitan's 20 Hottest Hair Trends for Fall
Back to School Looks
55 Short Hairstyles for Summer
Curly Nikki's Natural Hair Care Routine
Hairstyles for Holiday Parties


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Cosmopolitan's 20 Hottest Hair Trends for Fall

It's time to switch it up again. Cooler weather is setting in and new styles in hair and clothes is emerging.

Do you want to see what's trending in the latest hair styles for autumn? In this article by Cosmopolitan you will find an array of looks for various hair types and face shapes.

There are platinum buzz cuts, fairytale ponytails, natural coils, and more! Check out the article below to see what you will "fall" into this season.

Back to School Looks

Well, summer is coming to a close and August is almost here. It's time for girls to start thinking about their back to school. If you are a teen then style is something that speaks volumes about you. 

How do you want your crown to be represented? Body waves, braided buns, and half-shaved heads are all trendy styles being sported by celebs these days.

You can follow the trends or set your own! Either way here are some cool looks from Seventeen magazine.

Check out the slideshow here.

55 Short Hairstyles for Summer

If you've ever wanted to give short hair a try, then now is the time! Summer is the perfect time to chop the locks and have less hair to manage. 

I have had short hair for over a decade now and I don't think I could ever go back. Having a cropped look is chic and always in style. 

There are also many variations available. Sometimes I rock longer bangs and short sides or vice versa. I really love that I can curl it or wear it flat.

I like to workout so having hair that is easy to manage is a must.

Curly Nikki's Natural Hair Care Routine

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
My Big Curly Hair Routine on Natural Hair
WATCH IN HD! It's just so much better.Welcome to my first ever video tutorial! This is how I achieve my big curly afro on my natural hair.Products mentioned and used:-Mixed Chicks Leave-In Condit...
Check out Curly Nikki's video tutorial.

Hairstyles for Holiday Parties

2016 is coming to a close and it's party time! You have so many parties to prepare for...Christmas parties, office parties, AND New Yea'rs Eve. So what should you do with your hair? Well, your options don't have to be limited to the texture or length of your locks. You can add or take away by using some creative style. Check out these websites for some great ideas that will turn heads:

40 Sparkly Christmas and New Year Eve Hairstyles from "The Right Styles"

New Hairstyle design: How to treat Burned Hair

When you choose to use a curling iron to have straight or curly hair, you must expect it to be burnt, even if you were really cautious in using it. After all, it uses heat to straighten or curl your hair, and the frequent usage of this tool will surely lead to damaged, weak hair. This doesn't mean you just sit there and wait till your hair heals itself from a burn with a curling iron. You must do something about it, as your hair is one of the most important features of beauty that you possess.

Facts You Must Know about Curling Iron, Before Making the Purchase

Every girl tries several hairstyles to look beautiful on specific occasions. Girls with natural curls love to apply straightener while girls with flat locks love to curl her tresses to get a revamped and wonderful look. To achieve these spirals, a tool plays a key role that is a curling iron. This tool also comes in several varieties to create several types of curl in your tresses.
If you are thinking to buy it, then you should be very careful in the selection and take care of a few things, which are described below:

Top 10 Home Remedies for Split Ends Treatment

Hello Wonderful Women!

Split ends of hair are huge turn off. They make hair look dull and lifeless. No hairstyle or hair accessories can make your hair look great if they have split ends. Split ends appear when we get too busy to take proper care of our hair and don't get them trimmed regularly. But what can be done if you unfortunately get them? Cut short your beautiful hair? No. Here are a fewhome remedies for split ends treatment which will help you get rid of ugly split ends without any hair damaging side effects.

5 Best Hairstyles Black Men Should Try

Kinky and thick hair is what most black men naturally have and the best thing about this type of hair is the ease of working with it and its ability to hold a style for long. Traditional lengths are loved by many black men, but you can be as creative as you can be using lots of ideas. There are so many styles to choose from whether you have long or short hair and you can add a twist to the haircut as long as you are bold enough to rock the overall look.

1. Long tapered dreads
Dreadlocks are closely associated with black men and the long tapered ones are great choices because they offer endless styling options.

Latest Hairstyles and Trends

The temperatures are soaring because hairstyles just got a lot hotter. Recently, people like to experiment with their hair and try new hairstyles and hair colors. This year style is all about showcasing boldness and confidence, and women like to wear their confidence on their hair.

A few hairstyles and hair colours are taking the fashion world by storm. If you like to stay ahead in fashion, then you must know these latest hair trends.

Bangs always give a very interesting twist to a hairstyle.